Paris Couture Week: Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

I’m starting to wonder if there is a pattern that is occurring within Paris Couture Week that prevents designers from putting on a full show. With collections that speak volumes with such sophisticated tailoring, design and hours spent to create them, one would hope that we can see how gowns flow down a runway. Nevertheless, no ill credit will be given to Givenchy as this collection stands on its pedestal with or without a runway.

Riccardo Tisci presented a collection with nothing short of embellishments. Outside of the location this collection was far from modest and costume. The vision to create a collection where more than a million beads created an evening dress stitched by hand is something deserving of a CFDA Fashion Award to say the least.  Tisci transformed a carefully cut chocolate alligator dress embroidered onto silk tulle into a delicate garment that curved the body and refrained from heaviness. To make things even more whimsical, Givenchy created silk satin dresses with hems made of rhinestone paired with some of the most elaborate earrings and bullrings. It seems the creative accessories trickled over from the Givenchy men’s presentation and added hardness to the look.

The idea to cut alligator and create a jacket of this magnitude was divine. I’m still gasping for air from the off the shoulder white beaded gown that’s reinforced at the neck. Tisci’s inspiration from watching Metropolis created a collection that will rush in the turn of the century. Givenchy is a stunning, captivating, and enchanting visual effect turned into reality that leaves one wanting to see more and disappointed that there were only 10 courses to fill my appetite.

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